There are hundreds of sites on the Internet which offer valuable information in your related subject fields.  Most of the information is freely available, however there are some sites which offer commercially published resources.  Some examples of useful sites are included on this page.

ARAZPA ( Australasian Region Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria)

ARAZPA (The Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria) is the peak zoo and aquarium organisation in the Australasian region.

ARAZPA’s membership includes the major zoos and aquariums in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands. 

ARAZPA is working towards developing zoos and aquariums as centres of excellence in conservation, education and research.

ASZK (Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping)

The ASZK is primarily a professional organisation which seeks to promote the exchange of information on all aspects of wild animal husbandry, and in so doing add to the conservation of rare and endangered species. The Society achieves these objectives through the production of journals, newsletters and through a series of workshops and conferences which are held throughout the region.


ARAZPAQ Formerly known as the Queensland Wildlife Parks Association, the Queensland Branch of the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria, lists its members and has some interesting links to follow.

NANA Native Animal Association Network. This site provides links to a wide range of native wildlife sites.


SOSSA Southern Ocean Sea Birds Study Association Website and Newsletter.

Australian Society for Growing Australian Plants Australian Plants Online is a free electronic magazine which may be accessed from this site.  The site is supported by the Charles Sturt University.

STATE FORESTS OF NEW SOUTH WALES Bush Telegraph Magazine This is the State Forests’ quarterly full-colour magazine about forestry, wildlife and environmental matters. It is available online or in hardcopy to your address
Buh Telegraph

CSIRO PUBLISHING has an excellent site listing publications for sale.  Its Wildlife Research Journal allows free access to some articles from past issues.

Australian Wildlife While rare and exotic species are interesting, the details of the lives of common and easily accessible animals are equally fascinating. Both the rare and the common are worthy of attention.  Here, there is information on a range of topics relating to Australian wildlife. Australian Wildlife

Underwater World People interested in public and private aquariums will find this site very useful.

The Australasian Legal Information Institute is a joint facility of the UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law.  It contains a database of legal information which includes resources such as ACTS and Awards.  It is freely available and has an internal search facility.

Australian Government Information The National Library of Australia has a listing of all Governments in Australia.  State and Federal Bodies are easily accessed through this site. Commonwealth Government Directory and the NSW Government Directory are also freely available on the Internet.

Meteorology The Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology offers the latest information on weather conditions, forecasts, warnings and media releases is available on this site.

Australian Newspapers The Australian Search Engine,  Webwombat  offers extensive access to the World’s Newspapers.  Australian Newspapers may be found in the Asia Pacific Section or the Alphabetical section.  Most of the newspapers listed are freely available, however some daily sections of the papers and archives (past issues) are only available through subscription.

Telephone Directories Telstra White and Yellow Pages are freely available and often include maps, postcodes and world time.

Dictionaries An excellent free collection of language and specialised dictionaries may be found on the Your Dictionary site. The Macquarie Dictionary is also freely available on the Internet

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