Games Inspired by Animal Wildlife

Games Inspired by Animal Wildlife
Games Inspired by Animal Wildlife

If you are an animal lover, today you can read about various games that feature all kinds of animal wildlife. Whether in the form of board games, video games, or even casino games, you can experience wildlife from the comforts of your home.

We have compiled a list of various board games, video games, and casino games whose main theme is animals. Besides entertainment, these games try to educate players about animals and their behavior and sometimes even teach conservation. In the list, you can pick out games to play individually or with friends.

Ark Nova Board Game

Ark Nova

To kick things off, we recommend Ark Nova, an animal board game whose ultimate goal is to create, manage, and run the best zoo you can build. A total of 4 players can play, and each will have to build enclosures to house multiple types of animals and take on conservation projects.

During gameplay, you will encounter various types of animals, from the Australian wildlife parks to the Artic Tundra and everything in between. You can also partner with other zoos and universities to fund and bring new animals and release some into the wild.

The game has over 250 unique cards that can feature animals, specialists, different enclosures, and conservation projects. Ark Nova should be played multiple times. Because of the scale of the game and amount of cards, you won’t have the chance to see all the given playable scenarios.

Whether you have a family game night or invite some friends to play, Ark Nova will have each player on the edge of their seat throughout the experience.

wild shark slot game

Wild Shark

Board games and video games are not the only choices that animal lovers have. In fact, they are in a real treat when it comes to animal-themed slots. Our pick is Wild Shark, a top-rated slot by players and experts, such as TestCasinoEnLigne. This marine-themed slot game allows you to explore the ocean’s depths and spin the reels filled with ocean wildlife.

Released in 2013, this Amatic slot game sports a 5×4 gird, 50 pay lines, an RTP of 96%, and medium volatility. In total, there are 12 different symbols you will encounter in-game, and those include a crown, turtle, yellow and purple striped fish, yellow and white striped fish, green fish, purple-headed yellow fish, pufferfish, clownfish, starfish, shell, shark (wild symbol), bonus symbol (scatter symbol).

During your gameplay, you must pay attention to the wild symbol, which can substitute any symbol on the reels except the bonus symbol. If you land 3 bonus symbols, you will trigger the bonus spins round, giving you 5 free spins. The free spins round will continue if you get an extra bonus symbol in the middle of the reels.

PS Game Stray


In 2022, BlueTwelve Studios came out with potentially one of the most anticipated video games of the year: Stray. In this video game, you play as a stray cat that needs to navigate around a dystopian city and get out of the city walls to reunite with its family.

At its core, it is an adventure-puzzle-like game, where you will need to go through numerous levels, hopping, crawling, and avoiding robots and machines, which are depicted as the enemy that is running the city.

Alongside the main quest, which is getting out of the city, you will encounter friendly robots that will give you extra challenges and reward you when you complete them. Throughout the journey, you will have a little companion by the name of B-12, a drone that will help you store items.

Besides the challenges and tasks along the way, the developers wanted to implement some regular cat behavior. There is a dedicated button to meow anytime you want, scratch up surfaces, purr to friendly bystanders, and even curl up in a ball and nap in various places.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be in the mind of your cat, Stray is the perfect video game to experience the world through a cat’s eyes.

PC Game Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

While there were a couple of other Zoo simulators, in 2019, Planet Zoo was released to the public. It quickly rose to the top as the best simulation game, where you are handed the task of managing and running a wildlife sanctuary of over 50 different animal species.

Frontier Developments has a history of making tycoon-type video games, including:

    • Roller Coaster Tycoon
    • Thrillville, Jurassic World Evolution
    • Planet Coaster

Like their previous games, Planet Zoo allows you to create the ideal sanctuary for numerous animals. You can build different enclosures, plant trees and bushes, fill ponds, and add vegetation.

Of course, you have a budget you need to be aware of. Once you use all of your money, you have to open the zoo to the public and generate revenue from the exhibits to earn more.

Another way to earn from the zoo is from the Conservation rating. This system is put in place and gives you extra credit for housing endangered animals, taking care of them, and releasing them back into the wild. Putting up information boards and placing speakers that educate visitors about the animals will also grant you rewards.

Your budget and building are not the only things you need to worry about. Once you place your animals in the zoo, you must take care of them. Each species and each animal has needs.

For example, some animals will require bigger enclosures with more vegetation or water. Some animals will need activities so they do not get bored. Others will prefer various hiding spots to avoid being frightened by the people observing them. You will also have to feed each species with different types of food.

Action-Adventure Game Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

While the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is not solely about animals, in today’s iGaming scene, there isn’t a better game where you will find as many animal species. Set back at the end of the 19th century, you will start the game playing as Arthur Morgan.

As we mentioned, the game focuses on his gang, going around the map, and completing main story missions and side quests. But, along the way, you can explore the beautifully built world and get to see and experience over 200 different animals, whether in the mountains, wide open plains, forests, swamps, or even in towns.

In the RDR2 world, you will find hundreds of mammals, including bears, armadillos, wolves, bison, cougars, dogs, cats, boars, deer, lions, cows, sheep and horses. You can also observe over 60 different birds, including blue jays, chickens, cardinals, eagles, hawks, condors, cormorants, cranes, crows, ducks, geese, herons and owls.

To complete the animal kingdom, you can also encounter various reptiles such as alligators, iguanas, snakes, and turtles, some amphibians like toads and frogs, and arthropods such as crabs and crayfish. There are over 30 different fish species, including bluegill, catfish, sturgeon, pickerel, bass, gar, perch, salmon, and trout.

In Summary

In the captivating realm of gaming, animal-themed experiences have proven to be both entertaining and diverse across board games, video games, and casino games. From strategic board games that challenge players to navigate the animal kingdom to immersive video game adventures that allow gamers to explore fantastical worlds filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes, the animal theme adds a unique and engaging element. Even in the glitzy world of casino games, slots and other offerings often feature charming or majestic animals, providing players with a whimsical and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s the strategy of outsmarting opponents in board games, the excitement of virtual exploration in video games, or the thrill of chance in casino games, the animal theme adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience, making it a perennial favorite among players of all ages.

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