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NSW Fauna - New South Wales Australia

Australian wildlife conservation protects all animal species and their habitats. Sydney wildlife parks offer you to meet koalas, kangaroos and explore the natural wonders in New South Wales. Our coastline is unique and it is home to some of the world’s more remarkable ecosystems and marina wildlife. When talking about unique species, we mean about massive shark whales and several threatened species of sea turtles that are part of the Australian wildlife conservation . The unusual conditions along the coast of New South Wales, Australia have produced different kind of ecosystems with many unique characteristics, such as sandy beaches and coastal saltmarshes, seagrass beds, coral reefs and many others.

The principle objectives of NSW Fauna and Marina Association are protection and improvement of the natural environment, such as promoting the philosophy of national and wildlife parks NSW and whole wildlife in Australia. NSW Fauna and Marina Association works on developing and promoting the high standards of animal care and the wildlife health in Australia. Also an important thing to mention is the act of providing and representing the views and requirements of the association members who tend to promote the Industry of Commercial Fauna and Marina Parks in New South Wales, Australia.

Wildlife Habitat Australia offers you the best Australian Wildlife Park and No. 1 attraction with amazing National NSW Parks and Wildlife, so follow nswfmpa.org and stay updated. You can still support the Fauna and Marine Assoc by playing the most entertaining wildlife-themed slots games. Hop over to this site and get redirected to the online casino that will grant you a free pass to the wildest adventure. You can pick your next favorite game, or become an expert in poker.







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Wildlife Zoo

There is always more to discover when talking about the wildlife in New South Wales, Australia. You can plan a holiday and afford your kids to spend the best day of their life meeting their favorite animals. This is an opportunity to make your kids realize that the animals they have been watching in the cartoons, are actually real. The zoos, NSW parks and wildlife  and aquariums offer you an educational program with a fabulous way of teaching about animals and seeing some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

On nswfmpa.org you can find everything you need for spending a wonderful family day and NSW Fauna and Marina Association recommends you the best things to do while finding yourself there.

You can have breakfast with koalas and feed them, see a giraffe face-to-face and take a selfie or simply, enjoy the wildlife habitat in Australia.

Give a chance to your kid to be the Old Macdonald for one day to milk a cow and bottle feed baby lambs. Visit a reptile park and meet crocs, snakes, spiders, owls and many other exotic animals.

Be closer than ever before to the world’s most amazing wildlife and hop into an Australian animal adventure, at the national NSW parks and wildlife zoos.

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